Top 5 Free Websites to Learn Hacking of 2020

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Looking websites learn to Hacking this 2020!

With essential or much further developed information in digital security and technology, you can without much of a stretch increment the security and protection of your life just as others.

The expanding requirement for data security experts is soaring, and this coming 2020 will be the same. The Internet-of-Things keeps on taking over new markets while security norms get persistently stalled until something disastrous happens.

Learning digital security is turning into a need just to peruse the Internet today, and there are many approaches to learn. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to make sure about yourself, get the hang of hacking, or get work in the digital security industry, Here we discuss about top 5 free websites to learn hacking these days.

Top 5 Free Websites to Learn Hacking / Cyber-Security

Here are the top 5 free websites to learn hacking and security:

1. SecurityTube

Starting all the way back in 2008, SecurityTube was created by fellow security researcher Vivek Ramachandran, a trusted professional in the security industry.

As the name suggests, SecurityTube is virtually the YouTube for ethical hacking and information security. Containing everything from basic penetration testing in a variety of fields to full hacking tool rundowns, SecurityTube is jam-packed with dozens of security courses.

2. Cybrary

Cybrary is a rather new site that offers a wide range of courses and classes spanning everything from basic networking to advanced penetration testing. The website has dozens of detailed courses all taught by leading professionals in the industry. Cybrary even offers certification classes that can prepare you before applying for security certifications in a certain field, ensuring your ready for course material.

3. Harvard/EDX

EDX complies college-level courses from top institutions that make them publicly available online, allowing you to freely signup and enroll in the class. If you want a certified form of completion for your college course, you can grab most certificates in the $100-$200+ range on EDX. This can show employers that you are properly certified and have taken the college-level course and successfully completed it along with its online tasks.

4. EC-Council

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-based organization that certifies individuals in various e-business and information security skills. International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as the EC-Council, is the world’s largest cybersecurity technical certification body.

5. GreyCampus

GreyCampus is the Final Destination for all those who want to be certified as an Ethical Hacker from EC Council. It is an EC Council accredited institute and provides Online Training, Classroom Training, or Self Study Materials with access to EC Council Practice Labs. There is also a Payment Plan introduced recently for the US and Canada.


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